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1) water; 2) go; 3) become; 4) serve as (6) pursue (7) ac (8) move/ walk/ proceed (9) [trans]migrators]/ beings [greater than there is, ...speaker himself yin 'gro,...you to 'gan 'khris yod 'gro,...near a bed sman zhog dang, khos 'thung 'gro,...Ched du skad gtong dgos mi 'dug kho rang yong gi yod 'gro,..???] [IW]

pf phyin pa, song ba 1) to move, walk, go, proceed, transmigrate, migrate. 2) beings, transmigrators. 3) go, become, serve, pursue, act [RY]

1) water; 2) go; 3) become; 4) serve as; 6) pursue; 7) ac; 8) move/ walk/ proceed; 9) [trans]migrators]/ beings [IW]

walks of life, associate aspect of basic cause situation, SA rgyu rkyen, disappearance, to go, with adjectives, with other verbs, in simultaneous constructions, becomes [JV]