'grub pa

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'grub pa, grub pa, 'grub pa intr. v.; 1) vi. to achieve, fulfill, complete, accomplish, reach, attain, obtain, gain, finish. 2) v. to be formed. 3) to exist, be existent [demonstrated by logical proof]; establish/ prove; to be accomplished, realized, attained, assured, come about; to gain accomplishment; to be proven, established; to finish, complete, be finished, be completed; to be made ready, to be finished, establishing, accomplished; engender, constitute, make ready, fulfill, exist. See also grub pa [RY]

to have ever existed; to be accomplished/ realized/ attained/ ensured/ brought about; to come about; to gain attainment; to be confirmed/ proven/ established; to be finished/ completed; isc. to serve/ function (as); isc. to be in its own right/ to be a given; isc. to allow for/ ensure; isc. to be valid/ convincing [RB]

available, to find, to come from, finish, complete, reach, realize, accomplish, make ready, establish, SA sgrub pa, be accomplished without any perceptible agent, be made ready, be finished [JV]

1) successfully complete/ accomplish/ finish/ establish; 2) engender; 3) constitute; 4) make ready; 5) fulfill; 6) exist [IW]

accomplished, established [thd]