'jig lta

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'jig tshogs la lta ba view of/ to view the perishable collection [of the mind-body aggregates to be a self with ultimate existence]; to view with na�ve realism; to regard the transitory aggregates of the body-mind to be real [RB]

view of the transitory collection [thd]

view of a transitory collection as permanent [IW]

[satkagadrsti] futile view. abbr. of 'jig tshogs la lta ba view to be impermanent, wrong view of the personality, wrong view believing in the real "I" in the perishable aggregates. futile view. belief in the transitory collection, [parikalpitasatkagadrsti] intellectual futile view, intellectual futile view; [abbr. of] 'jig tshogs la lta ba view of transitory [collection], futile view, perishable view; Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: 'jig cing mi rtag pa du ma 'dus pa'i nyer len gyi phung po lnga la bdag dang bdag gi bar lta ba, [RY]

nihilistic view mibp 77 [JV]

Transient view or view of transient body. DKC


See 'jig tshogs la lta ba for discussion of the etymology of this term.

The translation "view to be impermanent" is incorrect. If it were correct, it would be exclusive of rtag lta (the extreme view of permanence), but these two can coexist in the same being and thus cannot be exclusive. For example, a non-Buddhist who believes in a permanent soul that truly exists has both 'jig lta and rtag lta.

The suggestion that this is regarding "the transitory aggregates of the body-mind to be real" is also incorrect: if that were so, learners on the Listener path who have attained the level of stream-enterer would have 'jig lta, because they hold that form, etc. are ultimately real dharmas. It is impossible to agree to such a ridiculous proposition: anyone who has attained stream-enterer must have discarded 'jig lta.

It is unclear where the translation "futile view" comes from. DKC