'jog pa

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'jog pa, bzhag pa, gzhag pa, zhog trans. v.; alt. 'jog pa, bzhogs pa, gzhog pa, gzhogs; resting; to be defined as, to place, settle, to put, presentation, placing, resting, emplacement. sems 'jog pa to settle the mind, resting the mind]; to pause; to settle; to classify/ consider/ assign/ place; to settle; to affirm; to appoint (a menial servant) [RY]

1) place/ put; 2) settle/ arrange; 3) be defined as/ postulate; 4) present [IW]

classify, posit, set forth, [thd]

postulate, take as, propound, charge, put energy in, fix, put, place, lay, remain, stay, dispose, set, make a place for, settle, assign, leave, leave behind, cut, hew, square, carve, chip, to predispose, maintain relaxed presence, to integrate into, to remain, to let be [JV]

g/ bzhag pa to classify/ consider (as being)/ assign/ place; to rest/ settle; to affirm; isc.to drop/ let go of / set aside/ disregard [RB]

(in relation to meditation) meditative repose [Erick Tsiknopoulos]