'khrul 'khor

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(lit. machine) yogic exercises; 1) [adhisara] [yogic] exercise, [hatha yoga]. 2) [yantra] magical wheel. 3) vicious cycle, wheel, cycle of confusion, samsaric confusion, deceptive round, vicious circle, deceptive round, 4) gadgetry, mechanism, machinery, 5) black magic. Syn mig 'khrul Syn 'phrul 'khor 6) craft, artifice; esoteric yogic practice; magical wheel; mechanism [RY]

1) adhisaara; 2) hatha yog[ic exercise]; 3) yantra; 4) magical wheel/ black magic; 5) vicious cycle/ circle, wheel of confusion, samsaric confusion, deceptive round; 6) gadgetry, mechanism, machinery; 7) craft, artifice [IW]

machine, contrivance, artifice, samsara's confusion, wheel of confusion, gadgetry, vicious cycle, circle, posture [JV]

Yogic practices. Exercises utilized in the Six Doctrines of Naropa [RY]

vicious circle of confusion; machinations (of . . . ) [RB]