'khrul snang

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hallucinations; x 'khor ba'i 'khrul snang thams cad kyi rtsa ba the root of all samsara's hallucinations [RY]

delusive appearance [thd]

confused/ deluded appearance, illusion, hallucination [IW]

confused/ deluded appearance [appearance unlike things as they are: confused experience, projection, mistaken phenomena, erroneous perception, delusion, illusion, hallucination] [IW]

hallucinations 'khrul snang bsam gyis mi khyab pa myriad hallucinations [RY]

confused experiences [RY]

1) confused experience, projection, deluded perception, appearances, mistaken phenomena, appearances, erroneous perception, delusion. Syn 'khrul pa'i snang ba. 2) illusion, hallucination. confused appearances; appearances/ apparent phenomena based upon/ arising from (states of) confusion; confused appearance; delusory appearances [RY]

(sensory) appearances/ perceptions based on/ due to/ resulting from/ arising from (states of) confusion; sensory appearances perceived in confusion [RB]

deviant appearance, bewilderment appearance, distorted presentation, mistaken presentation, illusion, delusion, illusive vision or exhibition hallucination, phantom, delusory appearances, illusory display, illusory vision [JV]