'od srung chen po

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Mahakashyapa [the 10th of the rdzogs chen ston pa bcu gnyis teachers of Dzogchen] [IW]

Mahakashyapa, important monk follower of the Buddha; the tenth of the rdzogs chen ston pa bcu gnyis [RY]

Mahakashyapa. The disciple to whom the Buddha entrusted the care of the Sangha; the first of the patriarchs [RY]

<Mah'ak'ashyap'a:> [one of the ten shravaka close retinue of the buddha nyan thos nye 'khor bcu, supeme in the vitues of sbyangs pa'i [training/purification, first and chief compiler of the abhidharmapitaka, first in the gtad rabs bdun lineage of successors to the Buddha.] [IW]

Mahakashyapa [RY]

Mah'ak'ashyap' [IW]

Mahākāśyapa (Pali: Mahākassapa), one of the primary disciples of the Buddha. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]