'phel ba

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increase, improve, get stronger [RY]

be well developed, be advanced, carry out, develop, unfold, increase, augment, spread, deepen, exaggerate, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, thrive, increase in number or size, become larger, collect together, excess, accumulation, to expand [JV]

increase [augment, multiply, enlarge, inprove, grow better, flourish, expand, wax, perpetuate (kleshas), grow, be increased, spread, develop, advance, carry out, unfold, be well-developed, be abundant more or greater] [IW]

increase, multiply, develop, flourish [IW]

magnification [RY]

to increase/ flourish [RB]

'phel ba, 'phel ba, 'phel ba intr. v.; to increase, augment, multiply, enlarge, improve, grow better, add to, flourish; ex. tshig phra mo res kyang chags sdang 'phel the slightest word sparks desire or hatred [RY]