'thad pa

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reason, be delightful, pleasant, agreeable, well-pleasing, to please, be acceptable, be considered good, be generally admitted, cheerfully, joyfully, at pleasure, at will, be fit, suitable, proper, SA 'than pa [JV]

the necessity of [RY]

feasible, justifiable, justified, of rationale, reasonable, rational [thd]

1) reason[ing], suitable, proper; 2) wish, like [logically, admissible, reasonable, preferable reason, cause, reason why. proof] [IW]

1) reason[ing], suitable, proper; 2) wish, like [IW]

1) logically, admissible, reasonable, why. grigs pa, rigs pa. 2) Syn rgyu mtshan reason. because, the reason why; 1) reasonable. 2) reason. 3) because, the reason why. nyal na 'thad merely lying down would be better. mi 'thad pa inadmissible; agree to, be happy with; 'thad pa, 'thad pa, 'thad pa intr. v.; to follow logically/ be reasonable; rationale; reasonable [RY]

valid; mi 'thad pa - what does not hold [RY]

to follow logically/ be reasonable/ (be) entail(ed)/ be tenable; rationale; reasonable; logically consistent; logical consistency/ proof; feasability; underlying logic [RB]