'tshig pa

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naturally flammable, [will] burn/ be consumed, destroy by fire 2. Spite [ful/ harsh words] insolence, caustic rage; 3) fever; 4) pangs of starvation [IW]

spite, mibp 84, malice, cook, bake, roast, gloom, acrimony, moroseness, fury, scorch, burn, destroy by fire, glow [JV]

malice [RB]

'tshig pa, tshig pa, 'tshig pa intr. v.; Spite, as one of the twenty sub-disturbances, angry abusiveness, insolence, caustic, rage, spite, to burn, to destroy by fire. khro 'khon sngon du song bas tshig rtsub mo smra bar 'dod pa [RY]