'tshol ba

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find, seek, look for, search, hunt, track, to investigate [JV]

a search [RY]

zas nor 'tshol ba - to seek wealth and food [RY]

1) investigation. 2) to acquire, search, find, seek, to make research, look for [imp. tshol; 'tshol ba, btsal ba, btsal ba, tshol trans. v [RY]

[p btsal tshol!],, 1) search, seek, look for; 2) acquire, find; 3) research, investigation [IW]

on the lookout for [RY]

tshol ba, btsal ba to seek/ look for/ search for [RB]

lto rgyab 'tshol ba - to go hunting for food and clothes [RY]