'gyod pa

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/ regret * contrition/ repent[ance]/ resent[ment]/ remorse, repentance [IW]

sems la 'gyod pa spu tsam yang med need not have the slightest regret [RY]

ppaf: 'gyod pa, 'gyod pa, 'gyod pa intr. v.; 1) to regret, repent, grieve for, feel remorse, to feel sorry. 2) regret or contrition, as one of the four variable mental factors (gzhan 'gyur bzhi) from among the 51 mental factors (sems las byung lnga bcu nga gcig); also, repentance, resentment, scruple, feeling sorry, remorse, depression, self-reproach. Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: (sngar byas zin pa la phyis nas 'gyod pa'i sems pa) an attitude that regrets later what was already done previously [RY]

/ regret [one of the four variables gzhan 'gyur bzhi] contrition/ repent[ance]/ resent[ment]/ remorse [depression, grieve[ing] for self-reproach syn: rjes su 'gyod pa dang, rjes su bcags pa, rjes gdung ba, rnam par snyil ba] [IW]

ashamed, contrition, repentant, contriteness, remorse, sense of guilt, repentance, regret, repent, grieve for, lament, relent, regret [JV]

regret [RB]


One of the variable mental factors that can be either virtuous or non-virtuous: regretting a misdeed is virtuous, and regretting virtue is non-virtuous. Non-virtuous regret is considered an affliction and one of the entanglers (kun nas dkris pa). DKC