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Akanishta 'og min.

  • 1) Non-higher. The highest Buddhafield. There are six places that have this name, from the eighth paradise of the gods of the fourth concentration up to the absolute Akanishta, which is inconceivable. 2) the highest of the heavens of the form realm. 3) The 'highest;' the realm of Vajradhara, the enlightened sphere of dharmakaya buddha. Can also refer to the highest abode of gods in the form realms. 4) For a discussion of the various types of Akanishtha, see Gyurme Dorje's translation of Longchen Rabjam's phyogs bcu mun sel. 5) Often used as a synonym for 'dharmadhatu.' 6) ultimate (don gyi 'og min) [RY]
  • Akanishta, Skt. — 'og min, literally "which is not below," the Unexcelled Buddhafield. In general, the highest of all buddhafields; according to Vajrayana, the place where bodhisattvas attain final buddhahood. There are, in fact, six levels of Akanishta, ranging from the highest heaven of the form realm up to the ultimate pure land of the dharmakaya. [AJP] from The Great Image ISBN 1-59030-069-6

1) Akanishta realm ('og min) 2) Gandavyuha Akanishta; 3) the densely arrayed buddha-field of Akanishta [IW]

Realm of Akanishtha; Akanishtha realm ('og min gyi zhing). The highest buddha realm. [RY]

Akanishta realm of all-encompassing purity (dag pa rab 'byams 'og min zhing) - [RY]

Akanishta realm of Padmajala ('og min pad ma drva ba'i zhing) - The pure realm of Guru Rinpoche. [RY]