Confusion arising from the presence of a basis

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"Confusion arising from the presence of a basis" means being deluded while possessing sugata essence, which is the ground of both samsara and nirvana. An example for this is coemergent ignorance, like a person with blurred eyesight meeting together with conceptual ignorance, like the time of dusk, engaging in the cognition which apprehends, due to the cause and conditions of these two kinds of ignorance, the five sense objects of form, sound, and so forth, for instance, a mottled rope being seen as a snake, because of the existence of snakes in a certain area. JOKYAB

Confusion arising from no presence, the temporary confusion, is like an eye with the blurred vision of coemergent ignorance seeing an apparition of hair in the sky, the conceptual ignorance. JOKYAB

Confusion arising from indivisibility of the two [above] is like the essence of camphor having two abilities -- just as confusion and liberation both take place from the ground -- because it can be a medicine for the disease of heat and a poison for the disease of wind, and thus both samsara and nirvana appear. JOKYAB