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General Conventions

Editing the Dharma Dictionary

  • The area at the top of the page is for the "DharmaDictionary" -- for all of the translators to work in together, creating an article as a concerted effort. Here you can copy and paste from the entries below, re-organize, improve, and add synonyms and hyperlinks. The "DharmaDictionary" will be the property of the Circle of Lotsawas. Here you don't have to sign your contribution. No need to discuss; just write in you use the most.

Initials & Signatures

  • Below that, you see the entries from the previous Rangjung Yeshe dictionary. They are been fused and uploaded into this database. You can combine the entries marked with "[RY]" into one. Please leave the others -- [RB], [JV], [IW], [TD] etc. -- as they are, for now.
  • Initials & Signatures
  • You're welcome to sign your contribution to an entry. Please use the single square brackets around your name. This also means "Hands Off" to other editors. Only you can edit that area.
  • Under the "Examples" section, please post samples of usage, sentences in which the word or phrase occurs.

Creating New Pages & Text

  • In the new pages you create, please try to enclose the names of important people, scriptures, key terminoligy, and places within double square brackets. As often as you can, please include the Tibetan version of the names of people, places and texts.
  • When including the Tibetan spelling of name or place, please do so in Wylie. By doing so within parentheses, as well as square brackets, you automatically create a hyperlink to the "Wylie-based" dictionary, which presently has around 180,000 entries.
  • Whenever you are sure, please include a "category" at the bottom of the new page. This will help greatly in special searches. For more about already created categories, see Special:Categories