List of a Few Useful Words

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ka ra, kha ra, sugar.
khang pa, house.
gang, which?
gur, tent.
ngal, fatigue.
ci, what?
chad pa, punishment.
chung ba, little.
ja, tea.
nyi ma, sun.
nyung ma, turnip.
tib ril, tea-pot, kettle.
kun, all.
khung, hole.
ga ru, gar, where?
ngan pa, bad.
chang, beer.
char pa, rain.
chen po, great.
nya, fish.
nyung ba, little, few.
nye mo, near.
tog tse, hoe.
thag pa, rope.
thod pa, skull. dang, and; with.
nag po, black.
nor, wealth, property.
phan, use, benefit.
ba, cow.
bu, son.
me, fire.
med, there is not.
tshang ma, whole.
zho, curdled milk.
'od, light, sunshine.
yi ge, letter. yod, am, is, are.
ri, hill, mountain.
la, mountain-pass.
lug, sheep.
thang, the plain.
da, now.
dud pa, smoke.
nad, disease.

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