Manifest dharmata

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chos nyid mngon sum gyi snang ba - the direct vision of dharmata, vision of manifest reality; visionary appearance of the direct perception of reality; the vision of visibly manifest reality [RY]

chos nyid mngon sum - dharmata becoming manifest [RY]

chos nyid mngon sum - direct realization of ultimate nature, manifest dharmata, SA snang bzhi, vision of the real manifestation of existence, visual manifestation of reality [JV]

chos nyid mngon sum - Manifest[ation of] dharmata [IW]

chos nyid mngon sum gi snang ba - The visionary appearance of direct perception of reality, appearance of the manifestation of dharmata [one of the {snang ba bzhi} the natural state of things as they are primordially pure dharmata by its manifestation being seen transcending the extremes of labelings of intellectual analysis herein openning the gate to the tathagata's secret buddhafields inconceivable to thought] [IW]

chos nyid mngon sum - Manifest[ation of] dharmata [visionary appearance of actual reality (one of the {snang ba bzhi} [IW]