Mount Kailash

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See also Mt. Kailash

gangs dkar ti se - White Glacier, Tisey, a name for Mount Kailash [RY]

gangs chen ti se - Mount Kailash [JV]

gangs mchod phul - made offerings to Mount Kailash [RY]

gangs rin po che - Mount Tise, Mount Kailash [JV]

gangs rin po che - The Precious Snow Mountain, Mount Kailash [RY]

gangs ris mtshon pa - Mount Kailasha [RY]

mgon po beng - Ravana, at Mount Kailash [RY]

ngor chen kun dga' lhun grub - Ngorchen Kunga Lhündrub, who has a vision of Guru Padmasambhava at Mount Kailash [RY]

dar chen - Darchen, Darpoche (dar po che), the Great Flag, at Mount Kailash [RY]

ma pham g.yu mtsho - Manasarovar A lake in western Tibet, near Mount Kailash, sacred to Chakrasamvara [RY]

tsa 'dra - place in Kham resembling Mount Kailash [RY]

sangs rgyas gsang ba - Buddhaguhya. An Indian master who visited Tibet and remained at Mount Kailash where he taught emissaries of King Trisong Deutsen [RY]