Tagphug Senge Dzong

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The Tiger-cave Lion-fortress, one of Jetsun Milarepa's six secret caves, Yolmo

Jetsun Milarepa is said to have meditated for three years in this cave. He came to Yolmo in the first place because his teacher, Marpa the translator, had indicated that his practice would be successful there. There are several references to his stay in Yolmo, in the "Hundred-thousand Songs", compiled by Tsang Nyon Heruka, as well as in several older biographies. In the immediate vicinity of the cave is a small retreat center for the nuns of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche as well as a few individual retreat huts where the likes of this author are often to be found. Another retreat cave is situated just a 15 min. walk away. [TSD]