Zur Jampa Senge

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zur byams pa seng ge

Short biography

Zur Jampa Senge was the son of Zur Nyima Senge and great grandson of Pakshi Shakya O. In his fifteenth year, at Ugpalung, he studied the Guhyagarbha Tantra under Da Shakya-pel, and then, in his seventeenth year, he composed a Definitive Presentation of the Tantras (rGyud kyi rnam bzhag). He subsequently received the Sequence of the Path of the Magical Net (Mäyäjälapathakrama, P. 4736, NK Vol. 83) and teachings on the Great Perfection from Cheton Drubpabum, the empowerments of beneficence, ability, and profundity according to the Zur tradition of the Magical Net (sGyu 'phrul zur lugs kyi phan nus zab gsum gyi dbang, NK Vol 13) from Taton Ziji of Lato, and many other teachings. Jampa Senge himself had numerous disciples, including sixteen who had mastered the Sequence of the Path of the Magical Net, the Guhyagarbha Tantra and its sPar khab Commentary (Guhyagarbhamahätantraräjaåïkä, P. 4718, NK Vol. 63). Foremost among them were Yungton Dorjepel, the senior disciple of his early years, and Tanak Drolmawa Samdrub Dorje, the foremost disciple of his later years.

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