bag yod pa

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wakefulness, conscientiousness, reverence, fear, self-respect, self-control, chaste, careful [JV]

conscientious; Conscientiousness, as one of the eleven virtuous mental states, [apramada] conscientiousness, carefulness, mindfulness, to pay head, alertness, conscientious, enabling to keep vows purely, alertness for non-virtuous deeds, attentiveness, attentiveness, wakefulness [RY]

1) conscientiousness, taking care; 2) be careful, pay heed/attention; 3) greasy/sticky stains; 3) having stains or dirt)/ [be stably mindful of, [one of the 11 virtuous mental states, (apramada) [dge ba'i sems byung bcu gcig] applying earnest care toward things to be accepted and rejected, working to establish the good accumulations of samsara and nirvana, mindfulness, enabling to keep vows purely, alertness for non- virtuous deeds, attentiveness, wakefulness] [IW]

1) conscientiousness, taking care, restrained, prudent; 2) be careful, pay heed/ attention; 3) greasy/ sticky stains; 3) having stains or dirt [IW]