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interstice, space in between [thd]

x de ltar lan drug gi bar de bzhin byung ste six times it happened like this [RY]

1) between; 2) from...up to, until; 3) the middle/ midst/ midway; 4) [intermediate] [space], interstice, interval; 5) straits, narrow sea; 6) isthmus, neck of land; 7) middle world; 8) neutral [IW]

middle; interval [RB]

neutral, middle, midst, intermediate, intermediate space, interstice, interval, straits, narrow sea, isthmus, neck of land, middle world, midway, through, from, up to, until, intermediate [RY]

between, middle, midst, intermediate, inbetween, also, up to, until, as far as, during, betwixt, intermediate space, that which lies or comes between, that which intervenes, up to, in between, infinitive usage, until , median, up to this point [JV]

interstice [RY]