bcos pa

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fabrication [RY]

to distort [RY]

'chos to contrive; to fashion/ tailor/ mold/ shape; to concoct/ fabricate/ compromise; isc. to improve on [RB]

bcos ma contrived/ artificial; concocted/ fabricated; isc. influence(d)/ affect(ed) [RB]

ft. of 'chos pa; to feign; pf. of 'chos pa; to change, fabricate, alter, contrive, make artificial, adulterate, 2) to treat medically, cure, correct, 3) pretend, act as [RY]

patched up, incoherent, build, hypocrisy, contrivance, cure, heal, mend, SA 'chos pa, refine, remedy, mend, artificial, affected, feigned, mixed up, to modify, changed, to correct, to improve, reconciliation, rites of reconciliation [JV]

[will/ did] change, fabricate, alter, contrive, make artificially, adulterate, treat medically, cure, correct, pretend [IW]