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atman, ego, self, one's self, I, master, solid matter, person, self-identity, one's own state, state, substance, true state, identity [JV]

identity (with inherent existence); soul [RB]

bdag po lord/ master; owner; agent [RB]

1) "I"; 2) ego; 3) nature; 4) belong to, own[er]; 5) ruler, king, sovereign, lord; 6) great being, master [IW]

1) "I"; 2) ego; 3) nature; 4) belong to, own[er] (5)ruler, king, sovereign, lord (6) great being, master (/ [me, [my/1]self, atman, essence, identity,, source] [IW]

1) atman, I, me, self, oneself, ego, myself. 2) vi. to belong to, own, 3) essence, self- entity, identity, bdag nyid; 4) ruler, king, source; soul; master; great being, sovereign. Syn bdag po [RY]

Ego, "I" (bdag): Despite the fact that we are a ceaselessly transforming stream, interdependent with other beings and the whole world, we imagine that there exist in us an unchanging entity that characterizes us and that we must protect and please. A thorough analysis of this ego reveals that it is but a fictitious mental construct. [MR]