bdag nyid chen po

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Mahatma. One of noble nature, exceedingly wise, etc [RY]

1) epithet of all Buddhas. 2) great being, personage, title of address for great spiritual figures. 3) greatness of nature, great identity. 4) magnanimous [RY]

great beings, magnanimous being, epithet of all buddhas, title for address for king, "your majesty", all-inclusive state of the individual, maha atmata, totality of one's state, the state, 1 of gtan tshigs bzhi, great state, great self, primordial state, the total state, total self, totality of one's state [JV]

1) great being, mahatma; 2) buddha; 3) greatness of nature [IW]

1) great soul, great spirit, great personality, great personage (honorary title); 2) the Great Personage (epithet of a Buddha or other revered Buddhist teacher); 3) the great identity, great self-nature, great ātman. Mahāvyutpatti: महात्मा ॥ mahātmābdag nyid chen po ॥ བདག་ཉིད་ཆེན་པོ་ [Erick Tsiknopoulos]