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adj. comp. of bde po ease, happiness, pleasure, bliss, well-being, enjoyment, peace, easy, convenient, well, comfortable; happiness, pleasure, bliss, well-being, enjoyment, peace; easy, convenient, well, comfortable; ease [RY]

1) ease[y], convenient, comfortable; 2) bliss; 3) well[- being]; 4) enjoyment, pleasure, bliss; 5) peace; 6) happiness, happy; 7) very familiar with/ versed in; 8) wholesomeness, virtu[ous] (/ [comp bde po [IW]

sukha, feeling, pleasure, happiness, enjoy peace, comfortable, easy, healthy, composed, welfare, safety, piety, enjoyment, bliss, prosperity, be happy, be well, pleasant, blessed, beautiful, easy, good order, durability, strength, 2 kinds (zag bcas bde ba, zag med bde ba), more suitable, simple, pleasure, pleasure chakra [JV]