bden 'dzin

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mistaking things as having a true existence [RY]

taking, holding to be real; clinging to a reality; naive beliefs, taking, holding to be real, clinging to a reality [RY]

bden par 'dzin pa to invest with truth/ authenticity/ true existence [RB]

belief naive beliefs, to grasp as truly existent, invest with true existence, cling to things as being real, clinging to something as real, consideration that something is real [JV]

grasping at/ grasper of true existence [IW]

grasping at/grasper of true existence [naive beliefs taking to be real, clinging to as reality.] [IW]

Existence, true, intrinsic, or reality (bden 'dzin): A property attributed to phenomena, suggesting that they could be independent objects, existing in themselves, and having properties that belong to them intrinsically. [MR]