bkra shis

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1) auspiciousness, good luck, good fortune, goodness, prosperity, happiness. 2) auspicious, favorable, fortunate, successful, felicitous, lucky. 3) verse of auspiciousness; benediction, blessing. 4) a personal name [RY]

swastika, best of luck, good fortune, benediction, 1 of 11 astrological diagrams, SA byed pa bcu gcig, auspicious, goodness, prosperity, blessing, good luck, proper name [JV]

auspicious (wish). [RB]

yul la bkra shis pa auspiciousness now prevails in the whole country. [RY]

1) auspicious[ness] favorable, fortunate, successful, felicitous, lucky]; 2) 8; 3) Mars; 4) 8 [because of the 8 auspicious symbols; 5) 1 of the astr byed pa bcu gcig 11 actions of the planets; 6) verse of auspiciousness, benediction, blessing; 7) popular personal name "Tashi". [IW]