blang dor

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accept and reject [RY]

acceptance or rejection, SA blang 'dor, acceptance and rejection [JV]

discrimination. what should be accepted and rejected, take up or abandon, acceptance and rejection, cultivation and avoidance, adopt and discard, discrimination; moral choice; acceptance and/ or rejection. Ex. legs nyes blang dor - to take up good and avoid evil [RY]

moral choice; ordinary moral choices of acceptance and/ or rejection; to accept and/ or reject; isc. reaction [RB]

x blang dor gyi gnad shes know what we should and should not do [RY]

1) [what should be] accept[ed][ance] and reject[ed][tion]; 2) cultivation and avoidance; 3) discrimination; 4) person w or w/o good qualities [IW]