brtan ma bcu gnyis

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twelve tenma goddesses/ sisters [RB]

the 12 Tenmas [12 goddesses of the earth (nebesky-wokowits, op cit, pp 181-198) 12 local goddesses, said to be guardians of Tibet, mother tantra mo rgyud kyi local protector deities zo dor: 1) kun grags ma, 2) gya' ma skyong, 3) kun tu bzang mo, 4) bgegs kyi gtso (- the four she maras bdud mo bzhi) 5) spyan gcig ma, 6) dpal gyi yum, 7) [[drag mo rgyal], 8) klu mo dkar mo (- the four female yakshas gnod sbyin mo 9) bod khams skyong, 10) sman gcig ma, 11) gyar mo sil, 12) gyu sgron ma (-the four medicine ladies sman mo). (IW)

12 sisters of the mountain passes, local protectresses guarding gates to central tibet [JV]

the 12 Tenmas [IW]

the twelve Tenma [RY]

the twelve brtan ma; belongs also under lhag mgron [RY]

Twelve Tenma goddesses. Described in Ratna Lingpa's Tukdrub Yangdü (thugs sgrub yang 'dus): Great Sovereign, Dorje Kündrakma; Glorious Hari, Dorje Yama Kyong; Turquoise Mist of Snow Mountains, Dorje Küntu Zang; and Tamer of the Hordes of the Vast Pastures, Dorje Gegkyi Tso. These were the four of the dümo class. Then follow: Fleshless White Glacier, Dorje Yudrönma; Kharak Khyung Ts�n; Dorje Palgyi Yum; Sky Soarer of the Great Treasures, Dorje Lumo; and Mari Rabjam, Dorje Dragmo Gyal. These were the four of the nöjin class. These are followed by: Kongtsün Demo, Dorje Bökham Kyong; Tsenla R�lpey Dorje Menchikma; Turquoise Bell, Dorje Zulema; and Mentsün Ugch�, Dorje Yarmo Sil. These were the four of the menmo class. Even though there can be variations of the Tenmas, these are unmistaken [Jamdrak Rinpoche] has said. [RY]

Twelve Tenma Goddesses; Twelve Goddesses of the Earth. twelve local goddesses; twelve Tenma goddesses/ sisters [RY]

Twelve Tenma Goddesses. Important female protectors of the Nyingma lineage, semi-mundane semi-wisdom protectors [RY]