brten pa

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ft. of rten pa; pf. of rten pa; support, clasping, which are founded on it; supported element; (past of rten) based on, depending upon/ because of /stability [RY]

1) [the] based [on], the supported; 2) solidity; 3) lean/ rely/ depend on; 4) establish; 5) enjoy, satisfy; 6) by means of, because of/ through [flanked by, clasping, trustworthy, pass] [IW]

to entrust oneself [RY]

basis, lean on, trustworthy, practice, depend, depend on, spirituality, being-in-itself, rely on, near, by, SA sems, based, to follow, rites of consolidation, to maintain [JV]

to be based upon/ be dependent upon/ supported by; to sustain/ underlie; supported element of a mandala; to rely upon [RY]

supported element [RB]

1) supported, clasped, was founded on it [p f rten pa]; 2) the essence, sentient beings [IW]

to (be) base(d on)/ (be) dependent on/ support(ed by)/ contingent on; to sustain/ underlie; supported element (of a mandala); to rely on [RB]