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effort, exertion, perseverance, diligence, to exert, rouse oneself, abuse oneself, practice, devote oneself to, persevere in, be diligent, energetic, study hard, make effort, vigor, vigorous pursuit, strive for; busy [RY]

[make] effort, exert[ion], persever[ance], diligence exert/ busy 1self, rouse 1self, practice, devote 1self to, persevere in, be diligent, be energetic, study hard, vigor[ous] pursuit, strive for] [IW]

energetic, practice, rouse, diligence [RY]

energetic, practice, rouse, perseverance [JV]

endeavor [RY]

energetic, practice, rouse, perseverance, engage in, must endeavor [JV]