bsam gtan gyi sdom pa

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discipline born from meditative concentration [JV]

dhyana vows; Mipham Rinpoche: khams gong ma'i bsam gtan thob ba'i stobs kyis bsam gtan de las ma nyams gyi bar du mi dge ba la 'jug pa ngang gis khegs pa thob pa'o The 'dhyana vow' is obtained through the power of attaining the dhyanas of the upper realms whereby engagement in nonvirtue is naturally prevented until that [state of] dhyana declines. [RY]

dhyana vow [IW]

dhyana vow [one of the sdom pa gsum the discipline of those coursing in form] [IW]

dhyana vow; Mipham Rinpoche: snyoms 'jug las nyams pa dag gis gtong la, sa 'phos pa las rang sa'i bsdus pa thob cing sa gzhan gyi bsdus pa gtong ba tsam mo The dhyana vow is abandoned when one loses the state of serenity. By shifting states, one obtains [the vow] included within that respective state and merely abandons [the vow] included within the former state. [RY]

dhyana vow. sdom pa gsum [RY]