bsam gtan gyi skyon brgyad

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'gyur byed bde sdug gis mi g.yo bas na mi g.yo ba zhes bya ste, rtog dpyod gnyis, dbugs dbyung rngub gnyis, bde sdug gnyis, yid bde yid mi bde gnyis te brgyad do [RY]

'the eight faults of dhyana [of the desire realm beings and those below the level of dhyana. 1) the suffering of existing in the desire realm 'dod pa na yod pa'i sdug bsngal dang, 2) unhappy mind yid mi bde ba dang, 3) bsam gtan dang po la yod pa'i rtog pa dang concepts in the first dhyana, 4) and scrutiny dpyod pa dang, 5) existing below the second bliss or joy gnyis pa man chad du yod pa'i yid bde'am dga' ba dang, 6) existing below the third gsum pa man chad na yod pa'i dbugs 'byung ba,7) rngub pa 8 and the bliss of the third bde ba, gsum pa'i bde ba bcas so,// OR. the eight faults of meditation/ dhyana (if one is not moved by change producing joy and sorrow, one is called immovble mi gyo ba zhes bya ste/ rtog dpyod gnyis/ dbugs dbyung rngub gnyis/ bde sdug gnyis/ yid bde yid mi bde gnyis te brgyad do] [IW]

the 8 faults of dhyana [IW]