bsdu ba

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to summarize/ condense [RB]

1) gather [in], magnetize; 2) abbreviate; 3) conglomerate, amass; 4) union under grammatical rules; 5) fellowship; 6) embodiment (/ [f sdud pa] dissolve (the pre-dream state, visualization] [IW]

ft. of sdud pa; 1) to abbreviate; subsume within 2) absorb, collect, amass; dissolve. 3) gathering, council. 4) magnetizing [RY]

. . . gis bsdu ba/ gis bsdus pa - subsumed within . . . ; subject to . . . [RB]

gather together, pool, collect, grouping, press, dissolve, concluding, gather, magnetize, union of words and syllables under certain grammatical rules, collection, gathering, cooperation, partnership, fellowship, to reintegrate, to bring together [JV]