bshad pa

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to profess [RY]

- exegesis [RY]

said, related, told/ explained; exegesis. demonstrate, elucidation, philosophizing, to explain, explanation, mention, commentary, express, spoke, talk, to declare. pf. of shod pa; pf. of shad pa; pf. of 'chad pa; ft. of shod pa; ft. of shad pa; ft. of 'chad pa; explain, explanation, exposition; exegesis [RY]

'chad pa to explain/ set forth [RB]

it is said that [RY]

express, indicate, mean, show, report, speak, say, talk, chat, discuss, tell, inform, explain, declare, prove, enunciate, relate, communicate, described [JV]

explain [RY]

an explanation of [RY]

1) [f p Tha dad par 'chad pa, shad pa, shod pa] explain, say, tell, teach, discuss, speak, talk, say, chat, discuss, inform, show, express, indicate, mean, report, relate; 2) commentary, explanation, set forth, spoken of, laid down, remembered; 3) Those of exegesis [IW]