bsnyen pa

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approach, come near, propitiate a deity, accept, receive, admit, recitation, familiarization, first phase of tantric practice - that of reliance on or approach to the master and the tutelary deity where one recites the mantra, reliance [JV]

1) recitation; mantra, ritual for the propitiation, Ritual service, one who serves, render service, to serve/ please. 2) (stage of) approach, Approach, Approach recitation; familiarization, initiatory retreat. 3) pf. & ft. of snyen pa to approach, come near; [mss] [RY]

1) [p f snyen pa]; 2) practice of approaching the yidam deity approach[ing], Ritual service, familiarization, initiatory retreat, 1 who serves, come near, render service [IW]

(phase of) approach; to serve/ please [RB]