bsod nams rgya mtsho

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S�nam Gyatso, the third Dalai lama [RY]

Sonam Gyatso [IW]

Sonam Gyatso [3rd Dalai Lama. born in the 9th rab byung's water rabbit year on dbus stod lung khang gsar gong du, at four recognized as reincarnation of dge 'dun rgya mtsho, in the 9th rabjung's water mouse year made abbot of Drepung monastery, rab byung dgu pa'i sa rta lor se ra'i mkhan po mdzad, in the 11th fire ox year went to mtsho sngon and mdo khams, phebs lam zhor du founded sku 'bum monastery. in the 10th iron dragon year mdo khams su bskyod nas, founded li thang monastery, by the king of Mongolia aal than rgyal pos invited to Mongolia, spread gelukpa dharma. aal than Khan give him the title Dalai Lama ocean lama, by which the incarnations have since been known. in the 10th earth mouse year by the t' ming dynasty emperor dban li, t' la'i bsod nams rgya mtshor t' go shri dang gyog ching shri rank having bestowed on him though he commanded hom to go to Peking, unable to go, he died in Mongolia thu med sa char, (1543-1588).. 552, 1558, 1577, 1580 [IW]

1543-88 - third Dalai Lama, S�nam Gyatso [RY]