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duties, bird, make, fowl, will do, should, must, SA byed pa, 1 of 12 dus tshod, future of byed, to gain access to, to apply [JV]

(verb) + bya - that which is to be . . . ; isc. focus of . . . [RB]

district; bird, fowl; at end of sentence - will, shall, should; bird, goose, fowl, hen, to castrate, to geld [RY]

bird [IW]

bird [syn: mkha' 'gro dang, mkha' bgrod, mkha' spyod, mkha' la rgyu, mkhar nyal, sgong skyes, sgro ldan, gnyis skyes, 'dab skyob, 'dab chad, 'dab ldan, 'dab ma'i shing rta can, nam mkha'i rta, 'phur 'gro, me yi mgrin, tshang skyes, yan lag drug pa, lus mgyogs, 1 of the 12 year cycle [chicken, goose, fowl] [IW]