bzhugs pa

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1) (Tha mi dad pa,, dwell, stay, abide, reside, remain, sit, exist, be [prevalent], consist of; 2) [h] particle [bzhugs khang]; 3) life [h] [IW]

resided, lived [RY]

sit, dwell, reside, remain, stay, exist, live, be recorded in, be contained in, consists in, seated in, had been, remained, used to dwell [JV]

to remain [RY]

to remain; h of gnas pa [RY]

bzhugs pa, bzhugs pa, bzhugs pa, bzhugs intr. v.; to exist, be prevalent; reside, to dwell, to stay, life, remain, to sit; remain; containing; alive to sit/ stay/ dwell/ remain/ be present; to remain; to house - bzhugs pa'i gtsug lag khang - a temple that houses .. [RY]

to sit/ stay/ dwell/ abide/ remain/ be present [RB]