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aspect, part, quality [thd]

(kyi) + cha - quality; aspect/ side; (component) factor; isc. point of view/ perspective; isc. what pertains to (something) [RB]

factors, parts [ggd] [RY]

relates to, means, even, pair, set, part, fraction, share, portion, anything divided, news, intelligence, word, sound, prospect, auspices, things, 1/16 part of month, particle, factor, side, couple, equivalent, pair, match, fraction particle, on the side of, aspects, positive force, quality [JV]

. . . gi cha nas from the point of view/ perspective of . . . ; from the aspect of . . . [RB]

1) the letter cha. 2) fraction, portion, share, part. 3) aspect, pair, match, side, direction, part, division, partial, choosy, mode, factor, certainty. 4) to change an adjective to its abstract noun form. 5) same, 6) onomatopoeia [RY]

CHA, side, fraction, portion, share, part[ial], aspect, pair, match, side, direction, division, mode, factor, choosy, same, the aspect of/ -ness, together [IW]