chos dbyings ye shes

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dharmadhatu wisdom [awareness of the expanse of dharma, pristine cognition of the expanse of reality, expanse of qualities wisdom (one of the ye shes lnga, = five wisdoms] [IW]

dharmadhatu wisdom, wisdom of dharmadhatu; dharmadhatu pristine awareness; awareness of the expanse of dharma. pristine cognition of the expanse of reality. one of the ye shes lnga [RY]

dharmadhatu wisdom [IW]

timeless awareness as/ of the basic space of phenomena. [RB]

omnipresent awareness, reality field's awareness, primal awareness of the dimension of reality, wisdom of dharmadhatu [JV]

Deep Wisdom of the Dharma Realm/Dharmadhātu (shorter non-possessive form of chos dbyings kyi ye shes [Erick Tsiknopoulos]