dar ba

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dar ba, dar ba, dar ba intr. v.; 1) to flourish; be spread, propagated, be well developed, popular, unfolded, become widespread; grow, rise, be well developed. 2) butter milk [RY]

to spread/ expand/ extend (e.g., teachings) [RB]

to propagate [RY]

current rgya gar 'phags pa'i yul na ji tsam dar ba'i mdo rgyud bstan bcos the sutras, tantras and shastras then current in the noble land of India [RY]

buttermilk [RY]

be popular, be well developed, be advanced, carry out, develop, unfold, diffused, grown up, spread, whey, prevail, prosper, thrive, whey [JV]

1) (Tha mi dad pa,, spread[ing]; 2) Da ra butter milk, whey [IW]

1) spread, propagate, promulgate, proliferate, thrive; 2) prevail; 3) extension, expansion, diffusion [Erick Tsiknopoulos]