dbang bskur

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confer (initiation, consecration), empowerment, bless, grant, benediction (power bestow) [JV]

empowerment; [among the subsidiary yogas in a sadhana; detailed expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 120] [RY]

empowerment; empowerment ritual; Abhisheka, to perform empowerment, abhisheka, to confer empowerment; to confer initiation [RY]

give/ perform/ confer abhisheka/ empowerment/ authority/ power/ right to [eg as in India kings were empowered, in mandala of secret mantra] listening, explaining, practicing empowerments, placing in 1's being purification of stains of faults and the power of meditation on the path]; [required entrance ceremony for the tantra vehicles] [IW]

Abhisheka [RY]