dbang phyug

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Ishvara. 'Lord", Hindu non-sectarian term for 'God', but sometimes treated as synonymous with Shiva [RY]

God, Creator [ggd] [RY]

1) glorious, perfect; 2) the deity dbang phyug; 3) fire ox year; 4) 11 [IW]

Rich with Power; n of year [RY]

1) "the all-mighty," believed by some non-Buddhist to be the creator of the world. 2) Lord, sovereign, all-mighty, Maheshvara, Ishvara, God, as creator. lordship, ex. rnal 'byor gyi dbang phug the lord of the yogis. 3) the 11th year of rab byung Syn me mo glang; 3) Ishvara, [the 11th year, the Female Fire Ox]; Lord, God; powerful; powerful lord [RY]

"the all-mighty," creator of the world, Lord, sovereign, maheshvara, ishvara, god, lord, 11th year of [[rab byung, me mo glang female fire ox [IW]

an Almighty [RY]

great being (shiva?), ishvara, mighty, greater than the rest, lordship, lord, sovereign, female guardian, (general name for a bodhisattva), powerful and rich, master, god, Isvara [JV]

powerful lord [RB]

pha'i dbang phyug dpal 'byor thams cad thob gained all the attractive qualities of the / obtained as much wealth and glory as his father [RY]

'phags pa'i yul gyi dbang phyug India's siddhas [RY]

1) Īśvara; 2) mighty master, mighty lord, powerful master, powerful lord. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]