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Centrism [RY]

Madhyamika [middle way school, adherent of the madhyamaka system, centrist. free from extremes of eternalism and nihilism, uniting the two truths, a view rtsal du 'don mkhan. 1 of the grub mtha' smra ba bzhi] [IW]

Madhyamika exponent [IW]

madhyamika, middle way school, Centrist, madhyamika [JV]

proponent of Middle Way -; Madhyamika, middle way school, adherent of the Madhyamaka system, centrist; Madhyamika, [Madhyamika] Def. by Jamg�n Kongtr�l: yod med skye 'gag la sogs pa'i mtha' thams cad las rnam par grol bas gang la'ang dmigs pa med par sma ba ni dbu ma pa zhes bya ste [RY]

proponent of Middle Way - [RB]

Follower of the Middle Way TBD