de bzhin gshegs pa'i snying po

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tathagatagarbha/ "buddha nature" [sutra context]: in potential (rigs), the heart essence for attaining the (state of) suchness. Dzogchen context]: in potential, this heart essence which consitutes our realization of this (state of) suchness. RB

(the potential for the realization of) buddha nature. RY

Tathagata garbha (garbha = seed, egg, or womb, indicating its potential.) Same as 'buddha nature' and sugatagarbha. RY

1) 'phags pa de bzhin gshegs pa'i snying po zhes bya ba'i mdo; 2) the tathagata essence, tathagatagarbha, buddha nature, enlightened essence. IW

Tathagata essence, tathagata-garbha. [buddha nature, enlightened essence]. Tathagata garbha, inherent Buddha nature; the tathagata essence, buddha nature, enlightened essence], tathagata-garbha, tathagata garbha/ buddha nature/ essence for attaining experience of suchness. RY

Skt. tathāgatagarbha. The womb, matrix or essence of the Tathāgata (Buddha), i.e. Buddha-nature. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]