de kho na

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That, suchness, de kho na nyid that itself, only that [RY]

1) [only] that [itself]; 2) true, real [IW]

1) that, that itself, only that; 2) true, real [De kho na nyag gcig..Bden don ni de kho na rang] [IW]

that is just the thing, to be sure, exactly, the very same, that itself, that, state of being that, true state, real state, truth, essential nature [JV]

Suchness (Skt. tattva). Cognate with de bzhin. 'Suchness-nature' or 'the nature of Suchness" is de kho na nyid, which is cognate with de bzhin nyid. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]