de ltar

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according to that, in accordance w/ like that, that being so [IW]

according to that, in accordance with that, like that, that being so; in this/ that way [RY]

as . . . do; like that; in that way . . . ; such (a) . . . ; is/ are such that . . . ; ="as/ see above" (cf. 'di ltar) [a quirky idiom] iss. "alternative(ly)"; "to summarize" (at the end of a discussion) [RB]

in this way [RY]

thus, in summary, like that, such so, in that manner, accordingly, similarly, in that way, like that, in any case, in that manner, in this way [JV]

This [RY]

Syn de lta bu [RY]

In these ways [RY]

In such a way, [RY]