de nyid

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Thatness. The nature of phenomena and mind [RY]

essential nature, thatness [thd]

that itself, thatness, true nature, quality, that itself, immanent reality, this itself, this condition, precisely, precisely this, thatness, in itself [JV]

1) de yin pa nyid recognizing word [mi de nyid]; 2) 25 [the Samkhyas? rgya gar gyi mu stegs grangs can pa tshos khas blangs pa'i de nyid zer ba'i gras su mig dang, rna ba, lce, sna, lag pa, rkang pa, 'phongs, pags pa, 'doms, ngag yid, sgra, reg gzugs, ro, dri, nam mkha', sa, chu, me, rlung, gtso bo, chen po, nga rgyal, skyes bu]; 3) true, real; 4) suchness quality, that day, that itself, thatness, (reality), itself, suchness, oneself, principle, identity, sameness [opp to gzhan nyid; truly real, very essence [IW]

immanent reality; Syn de kho na nyid [RY]

de kho na nyid suchness (itself); isc. very nature [RB]

1) thatness, [reality]; 2) itself, oneself; that day, that itself, 3) identity, sameness [opp to gzhan nyid]; essence; quality, truly real, very essence; 3) A term of grammar. Identity. One of the sub-divisions of the second case. 4) principle, field [RY]

the true nature [RY]

1) that 1 it/ him her/ your their self; 2) 25; 3) true, real; 4) suchness quality, that day, [that] itself, thatness, (reality, suchness, 1self, principle, identity, sameness * truly real, [very] essence [IW]

this [RY]